Art is a compulsion. 


It's an expression of joy that is not limited by social acceptance or academic labels.  I create without regard to what is "acceptable" in a certain medium and focus instead on what each piece requires to reach completion.  The journey and the process of creating is often as much a part of the finished work as the end result.

I've always seen art as being a byproduct of an artist that, like any creation, must be fed and fueled as it develops.  This outlook has been useful in helping me grow as I develop my range of abilities.  Experimenting in as many techniques as possible and exploring the strengths of each medium is a good way to add another tool to my "bag of tricks" that may come in handy when executing a particular artistic vision.

“Dan Jaboor constantly thinks outside the box. He is not a painter, not a photographer, not a mixed media artist and not a sculptor. He is all of the above. He is an artist.”
— Andre T.