We all need a little help now and again.


Creating is hard enough without all of the extra things to worry about. Don't let uncertainty affect your art. My experience as an exhibiting artist, gallery director, curator, exhibit juror, arts organization board member, and certified professional framer gives me a lot to offer. I can help you get your professional materials in order, assist you in developing a strategy to bring your work to a wider audience, or just show you how to install a wire on a frame so the show runners don't hate you at drop-off. Please send me some details using the contact form and I will reply promptly with rates and further details.

Services Available:

Business Card Design

Specializing in distinctive cards for creative individuals. Make sure you leave a memorable impression.

Postcard and Promotional Design

Got an art show coming up? Distinctive posters and graphics are certain to grab attention.

Band Flyers/Posters & Album Art

Stand out from the other flyers on the wall and ensure a packed venue.  Bring your music to life visually: whether it’s a CD cover or the back of a hoodie.

Artist Mentoring

I offer a variety of personalized consultations. Are you a new artist who is curious as to where to begin showing your work? Are you an established artist looking to host your first event? Do you need a better understanding of how to frame and present your work for display? Would you like an honest, thoughtful, constructive criticism of a piece or body of work? Let me help you bring out the best in your work! Affordable rates whether we connect in person or virtually.