Dan Jaboor remembers being told, as a student in elementary school, that the Spanish missions that dot the California coast were intended to be about a day's ride from one another on horseback.

 A pilgrim could make a safe journey over a great distance, by simply advancing from mission to mission, one day at a time. "That's my goal as an artist, now--" he says, "finding and embarking on the next mission. There's always another journey, another discovery within sight of the last."

Jaboor's paintings reflect his fascination with portraiture and the figure. His alternately warm and cool color choices imply a certain energy level, he says, that he wants to convey. Moving from one piece to the next, and one series to the next, Jaboor says he loves the challenge of expanding his range.

His art has been exhibited at dozens of shows in a variety of venues, including the St. Louis Artists Abroad Exhibition in 2010, which took him and his work to Indonesia. He has received a number of awards in local and national competitions for works in a variety of media.

Additionally, Jaboor is the author of the "Artistic Mission" blog (artisticmission.blogspot.com), which Alltop.com has rated as one of the top 10 art-related blogs in the world.

More recently, Jaboor has begun exploring abstract and figural photography, using actual film rather than digital processes.

He lives and works in St. Louis, Missouri.